My business career has taken many twists and turns between working in corporate, from KPMG to leading technology companies. Coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of Barclays Bank in England and the international operations of IKEA.

Coaching founders, managers and chief executives to step beyond their limitations, reach for their full potential.
How? By focusing on shifting the beliefs that limit individual’s lives and thus their world around them. It does not matter whether seeking to start your own business or grow an existing one, it is your beliefs that separate the successful from the remainder.

Yes, I can tell you about how I started on-line marketing in 2004 and what I have learnt since building my own presence as well as that of others, that though is not the real story. That began before when I was chief executive of a public company, earning a good salary etc., we were growing fast, expanding internationally, exciting opportunities, why was I not content? Why, because I was not following my passion to help as many people as possible to transform their business and so their life.

The cost to me of not doing so was evident in my body, only I was not listening to its messages! It also affected the way I viewed the world, creating conflicts within me – between my inherent values/beliefs and my own words and actions.

So I resigned, stepping out into the uncertainty of no position, no job, no means of supporting my family. Instead taking a path of acknowledging my passion, my purpose – helping others to transform, helping them to blossom and grow as they follow their own passion, living to their highest potential.

Often when a client sought my help to address a “major” issue, it became apparent they were also experiencing pain and discomfort somewhere in their lives, often with their bodies. In addition to any physical limitations, the emotional cause was limiting their ability to realise their highest potential – both as individuals and for their businesses, no matter their size.

This led me to write The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life, published by Divine Time Books in December 2104 and available in both printed and electronic form from Amazon.

The book sets out many of the limiting beliefs I identified when helping myself, family and clients to create lives of harmony and abundance rather than limitation and restriction. And, how I came to understand and accept it is our own beliefs that limit the way we live our lives.

In many ways, these beliefs are coping mechanisms. We do not see an alternative and so we come up with beliefs to explain why we do NOT have what we want.

One of the biggest limitations I have found is many people struggle with the belief they cannot make money, make their living using their unique talents and passions, their gifts. Helping them to overcome this false belief is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.

My passion is to use my experience in transforming an entrepreneur´s dreams into actions to help them establish and grow their business, leading the life they desire.
How? By combining my experience in establishing and growing a business with that of breaking through the beliefs that limit us all. So enabling both the entrepreneur and their business to Breakthrough existing limitations.

The basic principle I apply is that to change your world you must first address your inner world. Not to be afraid of what you may find, embrace it as it is already part of you. My purpose as a coach is to hold the space for you so that your own truth becomes visible.

It is from the inner work you have completed that will determine your success. All the books and reports you have collected may help, it is taking action that will decide your success. How do I know, because I have a computer full of such material, the vast majority of which is unread! It is only by taking action to obtain support that I now lead my life more fulfilled than it has ever been.

And, yes there were periods with little or no income since I made my choice to resign. Yes I have distracted myself, procrastinated and worried about am I taking the `right´ path? Those experiences have helped make me the coach and mentor I am.

(Why am I telling you this, because quite simply it has allowed me to create the harmonious life I desire, follow my passion, inspire myself to reach for my highest potential! You have something—call it a gift, an innate ability, a talent, an area of expertise. You have a passion you would love to share with the world. Perhaps you want to make a living or an even better one from it. So what is stopping you?)
The best part is since I made that choice to live my purpose, I have visited Australia, Belgium, Holland, Serbia, Spain, Germany, Rumania, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan and Russia as well as Arizona, California, Washington, Maryland, Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey.

And, since 2010 we have lived in Portugal, if interested please visit:

I look forward to supporting you in your journey, and hearing all about YOUR Success.


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