Do you remember being told by a parent or a teacher “You MUST finish everything on your plate, or else there will be nothing for you tomorrow”?

Do you follow the same practice of always seeking to clear your plate even today?

Feeling guilty if you leave something to be thrown away, or let a waiter take away a half-finished meal?

A large part of the habits and beliefs we have about food and our health today were imprinted into our brain in our early years.

When you try fighting the actions you are programmed to carry out, it creates stress and confusion in your brain.

Your habits determine what your body will look like.

Your thoughts play a big role in determining your level of body fat.

Just as your unconscious mind plays the key part in determining whether or not you will be able to lose weight – or if you continue to stay stuck. This is also the case with speaking our truth. Or, not!

Are we consciously exercising our will or are we allowing our programming to do so for us?

To take command of your will and maintain it against the controlling influences of others, of your fears and all the illusions that influence us, is the real meaning of becoming conscious.

If you ever want to have the body you desire, or if you just desire to look and feel healthy so you can enjoy of the activities you love to do… then the first thing you need to do is change what is directing your actions – your beliefs.

You need to erase all of the beliefs that hold you back from achieving your objectives.

Most relationships flounder because there is no truth or trust. Tony Robbins in his blog refers to creating this truth as being prepared to step into your pain.

In doing so you are exercising your will to take charge of your choices, rather than allowing your habits and beliefs to do so.

One of the indicators of not speaking your truth is problems with your mouth, in particular the teeth.

Which is why Secret #5 answers the question: “Why do I have trouble speaking up?”

The throat and back of the neck represent more than not speaking; they also have the quality of communicating in the broad sense of listening and understanding. If afraid to speak up and say what you want or feel, you might often suffer from a sore throat or feel like your throat is blocked, causing choking.

In addition to issues with the throat, voice, and mouth, symptoms of disharmony include hyperthyroidism, raspy throat, chronic sore throat, ear infections, physical and mental exhaustion, gum difficulties, scoliosis, laryngitis, swollen glands, nervousness, colic, upper back pain, high blood pressure, mouth ulcers, and hyperactivity.

Ready to communicate your truth?

If you are more concerned about pleasing others than speaking your truth, The Seven Secrets will help you understand the importance of both listening and understanding in communication.

With the cosmos emphasising in 2018 being true to ourselves – perhaps YOU are feeling some kind of ‘cough or constriction in the throat’? Would you like a FREE Copy of Chapter #5 “Why do I have trouble speaking up?” – from my best selling book, The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony?

You will also discover the close connection between your throat and your solar plexus, and it is not about eating!

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