Do you see life through a mental fog? Or, feeling that life is leaving you behind, though do not know what to do differently? Is this the same for your business and your personal life?

Is this one of the reasons so many set goals, often called New Year resolutions, and yet within a few weeks they are forgotten – is this you? Are you one of the over 90% research has shown fail before they even start on achieving their resolutions?

It is strange to watch this continual failure to start let alone achieve their desires. It is akin to watching a confused mouse wander down the same path in a maze again and again. Never making any progress.

Why does this happen?

Well, we become excited about setting the outcome. Thinking “This is the moment! I am really going to make it this year!”

Then… life happens.

And in the midst of the chaos the outcome or goal is forgotten – ‘out of sight, out of mind’?

When you forget to focus on what it is you desire, then you slowly stop completing the daily habits that will carry you there.

Achieving your desired outcome is as simple as staying FOCUSED on it, and taking the right ACTIONS to reach it.

John Assaraf of NeuroGym covered this in a recent blog post –

>> Go Here To Learn How To Stay Focused On Your Goals <<

This innercise uses insights set out by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. The book provides a series of principles that highlight the power of personal beliefs and the role they play in success.

The first being the need to master the limiting beliefs which stand between you and  the clarity and focus  needed for your success.

Did you know your body has the answers as to “How do I achieve clarity and focus?”

Many who contact me see life through a mental fog. Or, feeling that life is leaving them behind, though do not know what to do differently.

Wish to understand the message your body is sending you and how to take action, then download a FREE Copy of Chapter #6  “How do I achieve clarity and focus” – from my best selling book, The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony? Why not ‘take a peek’ at what the book has to offer by claiming a FREE COPY of the Chapter and I will personally send it to you:

To lead your true purpose you need to have clarity and focus or else it may pass you by in the distractions of life! My desire is to help all to live their life of purpose, The Seven Secrets will help you achieve that, and your daily practice! Mine is set out in The Seven Secrets.

Do you really want to understand the signals your body is sending you about your clarity and focus?

This lack of a sense of purpose could manifest in issues of seeing or hearing clearly, life seems to be a perpetual mental whirligig of distraction! Hence why apart from issues with the brain, physical symptoms often include the ears, eyes, and nose. One of the most unpleasant being cluster headaches. My prod to write this post was a sore upper right gum!

In November 2017 The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony was nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards. As of today we are still waiting to hear the outcome.

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To Being Clearly Yourself,

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