Gregory, you helped me to create breakthroughs I never even dared to dream of. Working with you made me leave the fear-mode that was actually self-limiting, even very damaging. You allowed me to feel self-care and self love and that has truly made me a better person…..Gregory, you have re-kindled the self love in me that was numbed out, the love to live, and the joy from life. I dropped the fear mode and I now thrive with joy, I feel 20 kilos lighter, and shoulders and neck pain free. I thank you for gently guiding me and my business in my new direction. LiesbethDillen

Brussels, Belgium

Gregory has helped me release the pain I had stored in my body in connection with a childhood experience. Through the coaching sessions I have become more conscious about being able to choose what kind of reality I want to reside in. I feel more authentic than ever as to my direction and the accelerating growth of my business. Thank you

Niccole Lind

Copenhagen, Denmark

Gregory is an amazing coach, who has a unique ability to deliver the most profound and seemingly complex insights – in the simplest and most accessible manner. Through words and presence he always portrays deep compassion and sobriety, while providing what is needed at the moment.

Sophie Bidard

Belgrade, Serbia

Gregory has the rare ability to hold and share such deep intellectual and intuitive knowledge in ALL areas of life.

Kim Mørck

Sales Manager, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank you for an interesting session Monday….I still had trouble falling asleep until yesterday night, so I guess I needed a couple of days to integrate the process.

My eyes look very clear……I am very positive about the progress in my nervous system and about the rest of my themes…

I have had a very good night´s sleep again – happy happyhappy. 😄So I am very pleased with our work as you can imagine.

I am observing – and also preparing training courses…

Katrine Wennerwald

Copenhagen, Denmark

Gregory has an uncanny ability to just KNOW where and what challenges a person is experiencing in the form of limiting beliefs. He is a compassionate and loving guide along your journey to find in yourself what is no longer serving you and could be preventing you from living your truth and mission.

Leslie Fox

Transformational Coach of Sedona, Arizona, USA

Gregory believes deeply in each person reaching their fullest potential. He always sees someone´s true self within without the baggage. Encouraging me to learn from my experiences which wasn’t easy at times, but he really guided and supported me.

Maki Tajima

Tokyo, Japan

I am so grateful to Gregory, his wisdom and empathy has helped me realign with my life purpose and help me choose the right decision, at such a critical moment of my life. He has such a wonderful way of saying things simply and to the point, which can open the mind to new possibilities ….. He has such high values, full of love and compassion and very connected to the spirit within.

Giuseppe Glorioso

Dance Coach, Milan, Italy

I can’t thank you enough for being my coach. You have an extraordinary way of inspiring and benefiting the many people who are fortunate to be graced by your presence. Your wisdom, knowledge and intuition shine through in everything you touch encompassed with love and understanding.

Antoinette DePerro, Heart, Sage and Wisdom, Colts Neck

New Jersey, USA

Gregory has helped me to move from the person I had become into my real self. This work has been carried out over skype and an intensive time at his beautiful retreat home in Portugal. Working with Gregory has helped me enormously….

He is sensitive, intuitive, passionate about his work, and has a unique way of allowing you to complete your own understanding through his guidance as no one can do this but you….

I call him the fun artist,,..As there have been so many laughs realisations, insights and fun along the way.

Much appreciation and gratitude to you for your compassion Gregory, and for all your continued assistance and support.

Nicola Bond

Spiritual Coach of Lincoln, England

Experiencing a workshop with Gregory six months before made me leave home having a feeling that I am able to change my life, that Gregory with his skills would be able to teach and support me on my desire to shift. Visitíng Gregory and Caroline in Portugal, arriving there, feeling welcome, away from everything I knew, helped me to open up to what is possible…..

It was what I brought and wishing for that made it possible for Gregory to help me. Whilst the four sessions in four days were intense, the feelings I had from them were overwhelming beautiful….

I met myself, I am now able to see clearly my life, able to choose what is right for me, to be in my full potential. My, our, life has changed direction, every day brings new excitement.

Should I ever lose my way again I know where to go.

Arne Kirketerp-Møller

Event Host of Roskilde, Denmark

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