Before I even thought about writing The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony, I had come to realise that I had placed many supposedly protective ‘layers’ around my heart.


Who has not felt the need to protect themselves from heartache in our life, and not only in personal relationships?

Secret #4 answers the question: “What do I feel in my heart?”

The heart determines our health and strength as it focuses on how we feel about our internal world—the emotional responses to our own thoughts, ideas, attitudes, and inspiration.

Blood represents the flow of life and the heart has the responsibility to pump it around the body. Hence why the most obvious physical effects of lack of harmony in the heart area are circulatory conditions such as angina and variations in blood pressure.

It can also include tension, insomnia, and immune system disorders. Because the heart needs oxygen, it is also links to breathing difficulties such as asthma.

If you are seeking to create harmonious relationships in all aspects of your life, The Seven Secrets will help you understand the importance of both giving and receiving love – in both your personal and business life.

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In November The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony was nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards.

Voting closes on 10th December. Willing to help me win? If we do then as a thank you I will be holding a free masterclass on limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them. To vote go to the self-help category (3/16) and scroll down to “The Seven Secrets…” –

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